My Team

Kasha May

I am a unique, mature, reliable, and trustworthy young adult, who from the age of 15 years old has worked in various job sectors – food & beverage, hospitality, event management, tourism, retail, office administration, landscaping, design, and sales. Furthermore, I graduated from Capilano University with a Tourism Management Diploma, and from BCIT with a Marketing Management Certificate. In addition to those credentials, I recently graduated from UBC with a Real Estate Trading Services Certificate.

Through all of these experiences, I have created a diverse skill set, which has allowed me to become adaptable, flexible and open-minded. Thus far, the sector that has spoken to me the most throughout the early stages of my career is sales, because I love creating relationships with new people. Being a confident, enthusiastic, and energetic individual, I am now pursuing my own business in Real Estate.

I am also a millennial, which is advantageous in many ways, one being technologically savvy. My approach to marketing and advertising properties will be on multimedia platforms, all of which will appeal to various target markets.

Most importantly I will treat every client with the utmost respect and confidentiality that they rightfully deserve. I naturally have a very amiable and compassionate personality, and will always be there for someone to assist them in any way I can. My outstanding work ethic, willingness to learn and commitment will impress you, as I continuously strive to be the very best I can be for myself and for my clients.